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ltd fruitis

One of the key factors in our business is strong ties with suppliers, customers and transport companies.We appreciate the existing business ties and are committed to building our relations on mutual trust.

The young and dynamically developing company. Company - mission to provide modern people with high-quality natural vegetables and fruit.
Our dedicated team of professionals and the secure relationships with our supply partners, established as a result of our profitable long-term cooperation and mutual trust, are the key to our success.
Perfectly knowing specificity of given production, we guarantee quality assurance, various kinds of packing, transportation, the low prices and a correct choice of suppliers.
Trade in vegetables and fruit is carried out throughout all year. We can provide delivery of vegetables and fruit in any quantities at any time year.

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Country: Israel
City: bat-yam
Address: 59481 israel bat-yam hercel 88/8
Phone: + 972 (72) 282-94-74
Mobile phone: + 972 (54) 9202990
Fax: + 972 (72) 2829475
URL address: http://www.fruitis.co.il/eng/
Contact person: yana
Position: Meneger

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